Interview Tips

Make a Good First Impression at Your Next Job Interview. Here are 6 helpful Interview tips to make a better impression & get that great job.

Research suggests that first impressions matter, especially on a job interview. Candidates making better initial impressions received more internship offers, subsequent follow-up employment interviews, and higher interviewer ratings.

Make good impressions, it won’t hurt your chances, but it most likely will help.

1. Dress for the Job You Want

Dress in professional attire as if you were making an important presentation, meeting with a key client, or having lunch with the senior vice president or CEO.

Make sure your clothes are not too tight, too revealing, or too baggy. If you have a question about whether your attire is inappropriate, just change your outfit.

2. Bring your best self forward

Your outfit isn’t the only part of how you present yourself during an interview. Make sure to you do not have body odor, brush your teeth, and comb your hair. Wear deodorant if you are unsure of your own body odor. Bring along breath mints if you won’t be able to brush your teeth before the interview. But don’t eat breath mints or chew gum during the interview. Also avoid wearing too much jewelry, perfume, or aftershave lotion.

3. Arrive on Time, but Not Too Early

Arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes before your scheduled interview. Any more than that, the office may not be prepared for you and they may feel pressured to start early or feel that they may need to entertain you by offering your coffee or water. If you arrive too early, just don’t go inside, wait in your car or in a café nearby. Take deep breaths, check your clothes, look in the mirror, and do whatever else it takes to get focused and stay calm.

4. Be Prepared. Do your Research

Look up the company. Look up their competitors. Find out as much as you can about the company. Try to find out if you are a good fit for the company. HR professionals have stressed the importance of hiring those who a good fit as well as those who qualify for the position. As you research the employer, pay attention to what’s written on their website regarding the company’s values and mission. You can also learn more about the company culture by following the organization on its social media networks.

5. Bring copies of your resume, a notebook and pen

Bring a few extra copies of your printed resume in case of multiple interviewers. Bring a pen and blank paper, show that you are prepared and are actively listening. This will allow you to write information down so that you can refer to these details in the personalized thank you notes and follow-up email(s).

6. Be Confident

Practice being and looking confident. Sit or stand tall with your shoulders back. When the interviewer extends their hand to initiate a handshake offer a firm handshake in return. Practice it with a friend. You should show confidence but do not overshake crush the interviewer’s hand or fingers with your handshake. Always, look the interviewer in the eye and smile. Relax.