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The Best Fake News Website Collection on the internet! Satire News right here! Need a laugh?  Here is complete page of links to Parody News, false reporting, based on satire and joke news websites. Looking for a funny article? Joke News, Biased News and false reports.

All the Best Fake News Websites on the internet! Therefore, Be prepared to laugh! Parody News Websites, Joke News, Satirical Websites and more.

Fake News

Parody Websites

Call the Cops: The 27th Most Trusted Site in Public Safety
The Spoof: spoof news headlines, parody and political satire stories
News Mutiny: Satire for the wise - News for the dumb
National Report | America's Shittiest Independent News Source
THE LAPINE: Canada's Satirical Newspapaer
Satire from the Borowitz Report | The New Yorker
Free Wood Post: News that is almost reliable
The Daily Currant: The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record
Huzlers | Trending Fauxtire & Satire Entertainment
The Onion - America’s Finest News Source
Duffel Blog — The American military's most-trusted news source

Please note, we provide these websites and links as a resource and listing them is not necessarily an endorsement. It can be difficult to quickly find good quirky news Articles.

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