About Link Queen

About Link Queen

At Link Queen, we embrace the power of diversity and variety.
By providing useful content and quality resources, our goal is to give a multitude of perspectives.

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Link Queen is continually growing with new Content & Resources added every day.

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Searching the internet used to be an amazing experience, and then it got taken over with fake news, spam, and more ads than you could look at in a lifetime.

Link Queen was created to make browsing beautiful, and to display the content you want to see, and nothing more.

With an intuitive portal that shows you amazing links based on your interests, you’ll have everything you need to feel like online royalty.

And because we embrace the power of diversity, we’re open when it comes to identifying new vibrant content that you want to see.

It’s browsing made beautiful…​

Meet the Link Queens

Meet the Link Queens

The Analyst

The Founder, Jennifer, is an INTP-T who loves helping people, and will thoroughly research any topic. Originally from New York, she is constantly improving Link Queen for ease and to help you find better content. She enjoys overcoming every challenge this new Company presents. 

As an Art Therapist, Jennifer has found the obstacles we face in life can be discouraging. From actualizing your dreams and it can feel easier to give up. The truth is that we have every right to go for exactly what we want in life but often times there are roadblocks that feel really challenging, and it is important we pursue and persist. 

Jennifer never stops searching for ways to make browsing beautiful for millions of users around the world.

Jennifer Jensen - Link Queen
Issure Chen Link Queen
The Communicator

Issure was born in Taiwan and enjoyed growing up in Stone Mountain, Georgia. She has an innate ability to put everyone around her at ease. She is a proud GA Tech alum, a natural communicator, with the gift of language, and creative expression.

Whether it’s about the latest fashion, diet trend or health tips, Issure has a way to give tips and content for what you’ve been seeking. Issure is an INFP-T, a Harmonious, Principled soul, who truly enjoys enhancing the user & Customer Experience. She also enjoys socializing on Link Queen’s Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram pages. 

Issure is focused on making every browsing experience more beautiful than the last.


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